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A collection of websites dedicated to typography (typefaces, graphic design) and the history of printing.

The Planet typography collection

Planet typographyPlanet typography was for a long, the only "typography" portal on the web. Competition is a bit stronger but Planet has still his status of pionneer.

Typographic magazineThe Typographic Times is on online magazine dedicated to the contemporary typographic creation. Includes interviews, typefaces portraits and various articles.

Manual of typographyManuale typographicum is a small (very small indeed) manual of typography which recalls the basic of this art/science.

Books & typographyBooks / Typography is dedicated to all the books on the typo and the history of writing. Bibliography & online bookstore.

FontcenterFontcenter proposes a selection of the best freeware typefaces available; with info about the designer of the typeface.


Other typographic sites

ABC TypographyABC Typography is the most famous English speaking websites of Jean-Christophe. Practically, an online typefaces museum.

Typographic archivesThe Typographic Archives is a project of saving vanished websites of relevant content for future generations.

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