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Name of the site : Planet typography
Online : Typography
Creation date: Summer 1999 - Redesigned in Winter 2006
Status : Portal of the comtemporary typography. Around a directory, a whole bunch of sites dedicated to types.
Specificities: English version of the portal Planète typographie.
Logo: designed by Christophe Badani.



Planet typography: Verbatim

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Open Directory
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St Bride Library
Site, with excellent links to resources about typefaces and designers.

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Graphic Design Basics (Hot stuff February 2003)
yes, the "unsubscribe" link is in French, but it’s still understanble, if you ever want to use it. I doubt you will - this new newsletter looks promising...

Signature Strategy
The Typographic Times has a bit of history, some good links to font sources and a directory of type foundries. Modest by some standards, I like it’s sparse presentation.




Planet typography: In Memoriam

During the first years of Planet typography, the logotype was based on the Toxica typface. The site was branded with Typook, the lemurian typophile.

Planet typography

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Loup occitan

Planet typography

Planet typography

How Jean-Christophe has discovered his passion for typography.

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