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Name of the site : Fontcenter
Online : Download free typefaces
Creation date: Winter 2000 - Redesigned in Winter 2006
Status : Planet typography channel which presents freeware/shareware typefaces to download. The idea is to introduce more closely the typefaces with live exemple from the real world and a short presentation of the designer.
Specificities: Exists in French: Fontcenter.
Typo: logo designed with the typeface to download. In the following exemple, it is in Midnight Kernboy Stencil.


Fontcenter: In Memoriam

In the V1, there was no editorial content associated with the typefaces to download; typefaces were anonymous. The V2 has been launched to promote and introduce the designer behind the typeface. The initial logo was designed in Binner an Art Deco typeface. The banner was designed with the Comic Strip, a shareware typo.



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Loup occitan



Portrait of free typeface to dowload: here is the program of Fontcenter.

Mr Pixel
by Christophe Badani